25+ Times People Received Stuff That Was Too Weird for Them to Handle

There are so many happy events in our life, and giving and receiving presents is something that always makes us smile. We receive different gifts that bring warmth and love to our hearts, cheer us up, or surprise us. But sometimes we get things we never expected or dreamed of. In this article, Bright Side invites you to remember the weirdest presents you have ever received.

1. This candle is for married couples who want to smell freedom.

2. This shirt is for those who can’t decide whether a cat, pizza, or Star Wars is the best thing in the world.

3. We are sure that every one of us knows who deserves this gift.

4. Just to make the process faster!

5. As a frequent traveler, I got this gift at the hotel. Really?

7. If your parents forbid you to eat snow, drink it!

13. This cow feels good. It has just eaten too much grass…

14. This item is for those who strictly control their weight.

15. Be sure to approve a gift with other family members before buying it.

16. It’s just the thing for those who are in despair and have given up.

17. Is this what all mothers suffered for?

18. Please read this book, and be aware. A killer is closer than you think.