Parents Share Ridiculous Tantrums Their Kids Have Thrown, and We Wonder How They Keep It All Together

Children are like creatures from a completely different universe with their own weird sets of rules. Logic doesn’t always apply to them and sometimes there`s just no point in trying to reason with them. In a brutal and absurd battle between a parent and a child, the child will almost certainly win, rendering the parent baffled and powerless.

We at Bright Side applaud all of the parents who have to deal with these shenanigans on a daily basis and somehow manage to stay sane. Here are some of the funniest stories that internet users have shared about their kiddos.

  • I (slowly) walked up the stairs with my son trailing behind me. I heard him wailing when I reached the top. I turned around and see him full-blown sobbing, face down on the stairs. Unbeknownst to me, we had been racing and I won. @brucelapluma
  • My daughter cried because my wife and I didn’t pick her to be the flower girl at our wedding.

    She wasn’t even conceived until 5 years after our wedding. @OberynMartellsHead

  • One threw a fit because the other flushed her own pee down the toilet, then a fight broke out over whose pee it really was and who should have flushed it. @sprickie
  • When my niece was younger, she had a meltdown because her dad wouldn’t let her kiss the trash goodbye before he took it out. @hummingb1rd
  • Friends of mine have 2 toddlers, a boy and a slightly younger girl. While on a car ride, the boy pretended he had a lollipop (yes, an imaginary lollipop) and refused to share it with his sister.It escalated to the point that the girl was bawling her eyes out, screaming for him to share this nonexistent lollipop, and the mother screaming at the son to share the darn lollipop. @peoples888
  • My 2-year-old had a full-blown meltdown because our dog wouldn’t read him a story.

    When he wants a story, he picks up a book from his shelf and sits on the lap of whichever adult he wants to read to him. Our dog was lying on the floor, and he sat between his front paws with his book, and waited for the dog to read to him.

    Cue an hour-long meltdown when Buddy ‘refused’ to read to him, on account of being a Golden Retriever and therefore illiterate. @daxnerys