16 Weird Things at Schools That Are Totally Normal in Some Places

In this modern age, people recognize more and more the importance of education. Still, going to school is not the same experience for every person. In fact, the ways that schools operate may change depending on where you live. Even the things that you think are basic facts about school are not necessarily universal. In Japan, you move onto the next grade level even if you fail your classes or have poor attendance due to a bigger emphasis being placed on entrance exams.

Bright Side has collected some of the most interesting facts about what schools around the world have to offer their students.

1. In New Delhi, there is a school under a bridge.

Beneath the Delhi metro bridge, there is a school without any walls.

16 Weird Things at Schools That Are Totally Normal in Some Places

This free school offers education to the children of impoverished migrant laborers, daily wage workers, and seasonal farmers — often by the hundreds.