17 Extremely Weird Drinks You Would Think Twice About Tasting

Snake wine, Yogurt Pepsi, and Ranch Dressing are just a few of the weirdest drinks that actually exist in various places around the world. It won’t be easy to find them and when you do, you will think very carefully before consuming them since their description isn’t very enticing. However, they’re not dangerous to your health and many of them are actually considered to be beneficial!

Bright Side would like to introduce you to some of the craziest drink flavors that can be found around the world.

1. Snake wine

In Asia, it is quite popular for liquor stores to sell rice wine that contains snakes. The snakes get pickled while inside the wine and leave their unique flavor. There have been a few cases where people were attacked by the snakes that were still alive after opening the bottle.

2. Smoker’s Cough (Jagermeister + mayonnaise)

All you need to drink this unique shot is 30 grams (1 oz) of Jagermeister in a glass and a spoonful of mayonnaise. Enjoy!