14 Weird Beauty Products That Look Like They Are From 3018

Are you familiar with humanity’s race to always look beautiful, presentable, young, and healthy? Of course you are. The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing ones, delivering new items every season. But sometimes, when chasing the customers’ money, manufacturers bring us fashion and beauty items that look quite odd and even downright crazy!

We at Bright Side have decided to share with you our picks of the craziest beauty products on the market. Would you use any of them?

Violent lips

Remember those temporary tattoos from your childhood that just needed a little bit of water to stick to your skin? Well, Violent Lips applies the same technique to lipstick design.

14 Weird Beauty Products That Look Like They Are From 3018

You simply pick a pattern, cut out the stencil, apply it to your lips, and dampen it with a sponge. And voila! A universe on your lips.