Scientists Reveal How to Choose the Perfect Partner Before You Turn 35

Love is truly an incredible feeling. It can synchronize the heart rhythms of lovers, help them to relieve pain, and make them feel happy. And who would have thought that mathematics could help us find all this. Of course, love is full of emotions, unexpected developments, and events, and it’s difficult to prepare for meeting your soulmate. But mathematician Hannah Fry explains how to choose the perfect partner using a special formula.

We at Bright Side hope everyone finds love and we’re in a hurry to share the secret with you of how to meet your soulmate before the age of 35.

Mathematical formula for meeting your love

Many relationships have certain patterns. This means that many people behave in the same way. For example, 34% of people wait longer before holding hands, than they do to kiss their beloved.

 Patterns allow mathematicians to find formulas that can make you more successful during unpredictable events like falling in love and searching for the ideal partner. This formula works because of something called the optimal stopping theory — basically, choosing the right time to act, to achieve the best possible results.