12 Simple Materials That Can Help Us Save Our Planet From an Ecological Disaster

Everyone knows that plastic bottles and bags have a negative effect on the planet. And the worst thing is, we’re used to using these items. Meanwhile, there are lots of great solutions that most of us simply don’t know about.

Bright Side has figured out which substances and items could soon conquer the world and replace the harmful materials that are ruining the Earth. There’s a bonus in the end: now every woman can make the world cleaner if she just quits using sanitary pads.

12. Synthetic squid protein  

Researchers from Pennsylvania have figured out that protein from squid tentacles can be produced artificially. This durable material is also able to heal itself, it’s biodegradable, and can be recycled.

In the future, this protein material could replace nylon and polyester. What if we had the opportunity to create self-mending clothing one day? We think it’d be great.

11. Improved cotton

When it comes to cotton production, the only issue people face is that toxic substances and huge amounts of water are used. But some manufacturers have started producing improved cotton: the production has just begun, and we’re sure it’s going to spread.

12 Simple Materials That Can Help Us Save Our Planet From an Ecological Disaster

This new cotton doesn’t need as much water and requires only a few harmful chemicals during production. The negative impact on ecology is much smaller.