15 Cases That Sound Completely Insane but Are Actually Real

History consists of a lot of different events, and some of them are so hilarious and weird that they resemble the plot of a movie or a cartoon. For example, in the 15th-19th centuries, Europeans bought mummies to make medicines out of them. 150 years ago, engineers literally raised Chicago together with all of its buildings and streets by a few feet.

Bright Side was really surprised to know that some historical moments that sound crazy, are actually true.

15. A baboon officially worked for the railroad.

In the 1880s, in South Africa, a baboon named Jack worked as an assistant together with James, a railroad signalman. James was a double leg amputee,

15 Cases That Sound Completely Insane but Are Actually Real

so he taught the baboon to help him operate the railway signals under supervision.

At one time, passengers claimed that the station was operated by a monkey. An official investigation was initiated, but the authorities made sure that the baboon was qualified enough to become an official employee. His salary was 20 cents per day. In 9 years of work, Jack never made a single mistake.