15+ Celebrities Who Break Stale Stereotypes We All Are Tired Of

You can’t live your life by constantly following the same pattern. However, everyone has probably faced stereotypes like, “You should have your first baby before you’re 30,” or “Your man should be taller and older than you are,” or “Family is the most important thing in every woman’s life.” Even people who have become world-famous still get criticized because they don’t live the way they “should.” However, there are celebrities who set an example and show that not following these stale stereotypes can actually bring you happiness. And we’d like to tell you more about these people in our article.

Bright Side wants to remind you, by telling you stories of celebrities who decided to go against the flow, that we all have only one life and shouldn’t waste time trying to live up to other people’s expectations.

“You must marry your equal.”

People say that life is no Cinderella story and that rich men look for wives with an income. But Prince Harry decided to break this stereotype: one of the most eligible

15+ Celebrities Who Break Stale Stereotypes We All Are Tired Of

bachelors settled down when he was 33 years old. However, he married an actress and not another royal. This celebrity couple has already broken so many rules, but they’re happy and expecting a baby.