19 Real Stories That Can Make You Stop Posting Photos Online So Recklessly

Reddit users shared their stories of how they found their personal photos in the most unexpected places (and not in the most pleasant ones). This popular topic was discussed not only by the people whose photos were posted in social media without their permission but also the people whose photos were legally sold as stock photos. Nobody wants to see their photo as part of an illustration for an article about men who are losers or in an anti-AIDS commercial.

We at Bright Side clearly realize that we cannot convince all of our readers to not publish their photos online. But at least these stories will be some kind of a warning for you.

  • In college, a photography student took some pictures of me playing classical guitar. I ended up in a Viagra ad. I was 19. @E-iz
  • I didn’t even know I was in a stock photo until my grandma bought a picture frame at a supermarket with my t-ball team picture in it. @thecontinental80
  • I know this dude in person, he put his photo up as a stock photo for a joke and now it gets reused for all Reductress articles featuring loser men. Luckily he’s pretty nice in real life. This is the photo. @abirdofthesky
  • This took place many, many years ago when foreigners were a rare sight in Japan. I’m a big, friendly-looking white guy, and I was asked to do some photos of “a couple on a date.” So I go around to some scenic locales with a beautiful Japanese woman, the photographer, and his assistants. Fun day. Took tons of romantic photos. And that was the end of it…

    Until a month or 2 later when my “date” and I showed up on posters all over the subway as part of an AIDS awareness campaign (because you can catch that from foreigners, y’know!)