25 Comedies for Women That Are Perfect Mood Lifters

Life rarely goes without a challenge, and with all these worries, we can sometimes forget about the simple joys. But no matter how many problems we may have, it’s important to take time to reboot and spend some time alone. And these fascinating films, where romance is combined with humor, can make a bad mood go away in no time.

Bright Side made a list of comedies for women that will help you relax after a hard day and brighten up your evening.

25. She Is the One (1996)

The main characters of the movie, the taxi driver, Mickey, and his brother, Francis, have their lives on track. Mickey is grateful for the things he has, while

25 Comedies for Women That Are Perfect Mood Lifters

Francis owns a small but successful business. But their quiet life comes to an end when they meet a gorgeous blonde, Heather, and a young student, Hope.

  • IMDb rating — 6.0

24. Lovers (2019)

The main characters are a nurse, an actress, and a student who all have one thing in common: as it turns out, they all are dating married men.

25 Comedies for Women That Are Perfect Mood Lifters

The girls decide to take revenge and also help women who’ve gotten into the same situation.

  • IMDb rating — 4.7