5 Sure Signs That You’re At Risk

Criminals have a few tricks up their sleeves that make it easy for them to steal your car. But here we have a few things that you can look out for that will give you an indication that you or your car have been targeted. There are also some signals that you should remember that indicate somebody is planning to attack you, and in this article we’ll point those out as well.

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1. A plastic bottle stuck between the tire and the car body

5 Sure Signs That You’re At Risk

Some tricks used by thieves are very simple and don’t require any fancy technology. A thief pushes an empty plastic bottle above the front wheel so it’s stuck between the tire and the car, normally they do this on the passenger side so you don’t see it when getting into the car. When you start driving you hear a very loud strange noise and, of course, you feel like jumping out to check it out, often leaving the car running and the door open. This is exactly what the bad guys were hoping for and they have an easy way to steal whatever you have on the seats or they can just get in and drive away.

What should you do? Walk around your car before getting in. If you see something stuck above the tire, leave as quickly as possible and alert the police or security personnel.