A Greek Island Becomes the First Smoke-Free Island in the World, and It Can Be a Hope for All of Us

More than 60 million cigarettes butts have been collected from the sea in the last decade. According to the Ocean Conservancy, cigarettes are the number one source of ocean waste. “The butterfly of the South Aegean,” the nickname for the Greek island of Astypalea, has set a goal to become the first island in the world to ban smoking.

At Bright Side we support every project that helps a good environmental cause and we would love to tell you more about Astypalea and its smoke-free movement.

Many Greek beaches are filled with trash, including cigarette litter.

A Greek Island Becomes the First Smoke-Free Island in the World, and It Can Be a Hope for All of Us

Every year a team of volunteers from a non-profit organization in Greece clean up the beaches around the country.