13 Pairs of Things That Are Surprisingly Related to Each Other

Why is a raven like a writing desk,” asked Alice the Hatter. The author said there was no correct answer to this question. But our world is full of weird relations that are even more strange than this riddle. Do you know how a nuclear bomb and art are related?

Bright Side invites you to learn about the unexpected relationships between completely incompatible things.

Art and nuclear weapons

The first nuclear explosion caused small amounts of radioactive isotopes such as cesium-137 and strontium-90 to cover the earth. All paintings created after 1945 contain these radioactive particles: the isotopes contaminated the world’s soil, including flax and linseed oil,

13 Pairs of Things That Are Surprisingly Related to Each Other

which are both used in the production of modern paint. So it’s impossible to create a perfect replica of famous works of the past (like those of Rembrandt or Leonardo da Vinci). In fact, there’s an examination that can help experts distinguish a real masterpiece from a forged copy.

Tights and speed skating

Once, a Soviet athlete, Viktor Kosichkin had to participate in a championship in Davos. Suddenly, the weather became really cold and he asked women from Germany to give him something warm to wear. They only had warm tights that the athlete had to cut from below. Surprisingly,

13 Pairs of Things That Are Surprisingly Related to Each Other

he came in second. Kosichkin liked the effect of the item so much that he bought more tights and a tight black sweater and tried using them while preparing for the Olympics. During the Olympic games, he came in first and second place, and this interesting outfit became the official speed skating uniform.