18 Amazing Facts About Your Body That Explain a Lot

For centuries, the human body was a subject of studies and experiments and even inspired inventions like cameras and the Eiffel Tower which was inspired by the thigh bone. And you would think that throughout history there would be no secrets left to uncover, but this list will prove you wrong.

We at Bright Side find every aspect of human beings to be fascinating — from their kindness and compassion to the simple structure of an eye. That being said, we’re excited to share some interesting facts about the human body with you.

1. The human body can survive a lightning strike.

18 Amazing Facts About Your Body That Explain a Lot

9 out of 10 people who were ever struck by lightning have survived the encounter. It doesn’t even depend on the state of a person’s body since the survivors’ ages range from children to people in their 50s.

2. A toothache and a headache are linked together.


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Have you ever noticed that your toothache is linked to your headache? You’re not just imagining things — thanks to the trigeminal nerve that goes through your jaw to your head, those 2 pains usually go hand in hand.