9 Things That Came to Us Straight From the Future

We bet it was many times that you watched a movie and thought, “I wish we had something like that already.” Well, the thing is, some of this stuff already exists, and after reading this article you will believe that the future is already upon us.

We at Bright Side did a bit of research and found some devices and technologies so amazing that we just had to share them with you.

1. There’s no distortion with this new snorkel mask.

The experts call this device “the greatest innovation in recreational diving in decades.” This mask has a dome shape and allows the wearer to get a full view and see everything around them without any distortion,

9 Things That Came to Us Straight From the Future

unlike other masks with flat screens. It designed so that if it leaks, the water doesn’t get into your nose or mouth. It may look very weird, but it’s very effective and comfortable, especially for new users.