19 Real Life Moments We Thought We Could Only See In Movies

A thousandth of a second is too fast for the human eye to see. But thanks to cameras, we can see moments we otherwise would’ve missed. And we realize how wonderful and beautiful our world is, although sometimes it’s so hard to believe that it’s not just the special effects of a fantastic movie.

We at Bright Side love this amazing world and want to share some of its unique moments with you.

1. Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines launched 20 million metric tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere.

2. This photo titled Circle of Barracuda is my personal favorite.


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As I board a plane heading to the Southern Line Islands of Kiribati late tonight I am pleased to share that my personal favorite photo of the Circle of Barracuda is a part of the Earth Day @natgeocreative Flash Sale of collectible prints from a number of my colleagues that spend their lives documenting wildlife and wild places. A percentage of the proceeds from the Flash Sale will support conservation, science and storytelling. The sale starts today at 9 am April 20th-28th. Visit the link in my profile to see all of the signed prints from my colleagues available for $100.

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