10 Korean Beauty Inventions That Actually Work

Over the last few years, South Korea has become the beauty capital of the world. There’s even a special term known as K-beauty which is used to describe famous Korean skincare products and tricks. Often unexpected, surprising, and even weird for the rest of the world (like using bird nests as a beauty ingredient), these products have proven efficacy and help Korean women (and men) look amazingly young.

We at Bright Side have prepared a short guide to the most popular and unusual beauty products they use in South Korea.

1. Silkworm cocoons as natural facial cleansers

Cocoons are the casing that silkworms spin, made of raw silk thread. Strange as it may seem,

10 Korean Beauty Inventions That Actually Work

they are now widely used in K-beauty for skin exfoliation and cleansing as they contain powder proteins and have a gentle, yet visible effect.

3. Rubber masks instead of the more familiar sheet masks

said to have unbeatable properties when mixed with boosting products like an essence or a serum.