7 Signs of Anemia That You May Not Be Aware of and 7 Natural Treatments

is a condition where your body doesn’t get enough healthy red blood cells, in other words when they don’t carry enough hemoglobin, or when these cells don’t do what they are supposed to do. Red blood cells are responsible for bringing oxygen to our body and removing carbon dioxide from it. If these processes don’t work properly, we get poisoned by carbon dioxide. The causes for this can vary, and so can the treatment.

We at Bright Side prepared a checklist of anemia symptoms and ways to treat them.

Signs of anemia

The causes of anemia can be very different. Of course, we all get tired and fatigued every now and then, but if most of these symptoms can be applied to you, it’s worth checking it out.

1. Pale skin and inside of the lower eyelids

When our body doesn’t get enough oxygen or suffers from a reduced number of red blood cells, our skin changes color and we look very pale.

7 Signs of Anemia That You May Not Be Aware of and 7 Natural Treatments

This applies not just to the face but the entire body, especially the hands, the inner part of the lower eyelids, and the tongue.