9 Eerie Photos That Actually Have an Explanation

Sometimes we all want to believe in time travelers, UFOs, giant beasts, and ghosts. But unfortunately, paranormal photos and videos are just tricky hoaxes. They managed to fool millions of people and were published by the mass media. Let’s find out how and why they were created.

Bright Side will show you 9 paranormal photos that can be scientifically and logically explained.

9. Singapore elevator ghost

This eerie recording was taken by a security camera in an office in Singapore. When a man comes out of an elevator, a shadowy figure appears right behind him. When this video was published on social media, it got millions of views,

9 Eerie Photos That Actually Have an Explanation

and people started arguing about what it could be. It turned out that it was a part of a social media campaign, depicting why it’s so dangerous to stay late at work.