10 Unexpected Habits That Are Actually Good for Your Health

Being a couch potato for an extra hour, playing video games, chewing a bubble gum, or being messy is, according to strict parents, unhealthy and irresponsible. Well, that’s what they say. Apparently, these “destructive” activities have positive effects on our mood, brain, and mental health. The most important thing to remember is that everything is good in moderation. Give these a try, you won’t have to wait long for some interesting results.

The Bright Side team always tries to look at the world from another perspective, that’s why we decided to bust some well-known myths for you. Let’s get started!

1. Chewing gum: reduces stress levels and boosts memory

Apparently, chewing gum while reading has a bunch of positive effects on our bodies. Among them it improves memory, attention, alertness, and decision making.

Studies show that people who chewed gum during tests performed 24% better on short-term


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memory tests and 36% better on long-term memory tests. Another study proved that chewing gum also decreases the feeling of stress, because it reduces levels of the hormone cortisol, which plays a part in the development of stress reactions.

2. Playing video games: enhances your ability to learn and make decisions

Fast-paced action video games with peripheral images and events that pop up help people to take in sensory data and turn it into correct decision making and improved reactions, as proven by the study.

10 Unexpected Habits That Are Actually Good for Your Health

Moreover, fast real-time strategy video games enhance our brain’s ability and our ability to learn. Though, this trick only works with fast action games, and not with slow time-passers like Sims.