12 Things Men Do That Make Women Melt on the Spot

Loyalty, trustworthiness, and honesty are the most desirable qualities in every man, according to Ranker. Unfortunately, these traits are very difficult to see right away when we see a person for the first time. According to a study, we need only one-fifth of a second after taking a look at someone to fall in love. After that, euphoria-inducing chemicals are released in the brain and affect 12 areas of it.

Bright Side has discovered what actions or features of men can attract women immediately. You may disagree with some points, but remember that they are backed by science. Are you ready to learn the truth?

1. Make women laugh

Women like men they can have fun with. According to this study, a good sense of humor helps men seem more creative and intelligent. And this factor translates into mating success.

2. Demonstrate prosocial behavior

Scientists say that single individuals who are frequently engaged in prosocial behavior have higher chances to start a stable relationship within a year.

12 Things Men Do That Make Women Melt on the Spot

It means that women would prefer an altruistic man who does good deeds for long-term relationships.