12 Things Men Do That Make Women Melt on the Spot

5. Put some uncertainty

Shekhar Kapur once said, “I have devoted my life to uncertainty. Certainty is the death of wisdom, thought, creativity.” And this seems to be a true thing for relationships too.

12 Things Men Do That Make Women Melt on the Spot

It was proven that women who were unaware of whether or not a man liked them a lot ended up being more attracted to the man, in comparison to the lesser attraction that women felt when they were told that the men liked them a lot.

6. Take care of dogs

Nowadays, dog ownership demonstrates substantial caretaking in long-term relations. It signals nurturance the ability to commit. Interesting, 12 Things Men Do That Make Women Melt on the Spoteven guys who seek short-term relationships become an object of interest among women who are already ready to build a family.