23 Crucial Tips on Getting a Tattoo to Avoid a Lifetime of Regret

In 2010, American researchers said that tattoos became identification signs for millennials. This new generation is also really interested in this kind of art. If you want to get a tattoo or cover a mistake from the past, these pieces of advice from tattoo artists will help you make the right decision.

Bright Side wants to share some tips with you on how to choose a tattoo, take care of it, and never regret your decision.

Choosing a sketc

If you’ve always wanted to get realistic flowers but you see that primitive sketches and lettering tattoos are popular now, don’t betray your dream. Fashion changes but it’s not that easy to get rid of a tattoo you don’t like anymore.

  • Don’t choose stereotypical tattoos.

These consist of hieroglyphs, simple hearts and butterflies, and trivial “My life, my rules” tattoos. There’s a chance that the translation of your hieroglyph means something different than what you actually think and lots of people “wear” the same words with deep meaning. Make sure your future tattoo doesn’t have any cultural meaning you don’t know about.

23 Crucial Tips on Getting a Tattoo to Avoid a Lifetime of Regret

  • Don’t get a small tattoo to know whether you’re going to like it or not.

If you realize that tattoos aren’t for you, but you already have one, it’ll annoy you. If you do like it, believe us, thin lines will fade and the tattoo will change its shape and size. By the way, people don’t usually think before getting an “experimental” tattoo.