Having a Sister Is Good for Your Mental Health, According to Science

Having a sibling is very cool, especially if it’s a sister. Of course, she can sometimes drive you crazy by taking your stuff without asking, eating the last piece of candy, or just singing an annoying melody for several hours at a time. But at the same time, she is one of your closest supporters, a friend, a playmate, an accomplice in pranks… And we could list these wonderful sister qualities endlessly. But there is one thing that many people don’t know about — the connection between our sister and our mental health.

So, if you haven’t called your sister yet and told her that you love her, or gave her a hug, we at Bright Side are ready to give you one more reason to do this. Sisters can improve our mental health, and here’s how it works.

It’s no secret that family has a great influence on the development of our personality. But our siblings have an especially unique effect on us. This conclusion was found in a study in which almost 400 families with 2 or more children took part. It claims that siblings contribute to good deeds

Having a Sister Is Good for Your Mental Health, According to Science

twice as much as parents do. They stimulate the actions of help and kindness toward others. And not being the only child in the family helps to develop a sense of altruism and sympathy which in turn creates a habit of sharing and protecting weaker people.


The study found that regardless of the difference in age, having a sister eliminates feelings of guilt, fear, loneliness, and lack of love. Sometimes it’s easier for children to share their secrets and doubts with their peers, than with their parents.

And a sister is a great friend who you can tell even your deepest secrets to. She also helps you to avoid depression and makes you less stressed. At the same time, fights between children can positively influence the control of their emotions and their ability to make up.