Terrific News: Going on a Trip With Your Girlfriends Is Good for Your Health, According to Science

Spending time with your girls is priceless. Have you ever wondered how cool it’d be for your noisy posse to go traveling together? You should definitely do it because not only is it the perfect pastime, but it’s also a great opportunity to improve your health. Friends and travel make for an excellent mixture that can do wonders for your well-being.

We at Bright Side want to figure out how this all happens. Aren’t you curious as well? Be sure to read till the end before calling up your girls about going on a trip together.

We usually define friendship by support, joy, reliability, and pleasant communication. But science adds one more definition: good health. Studies show that friends help reduce stress and the risk of heart disease.

Terrific News: Going on a Trip With Your Girlfriends Is Good for Your Health, According to Science

They also lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, during negative experiences. It’s also good for the heart because large amounts of cortisol increase the risk of developing heart disease.


Friendship helps us to become better and affects our pain tolerance. The bigger a person’s social network is, the better they endure pain.

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 And all these together including the positive influence of friends on our well being helps us live longer.