12 Strange Episodes From Japanese TV Shows That Can Leave Anyone Speechless

apan is a country whose ideas no one even really tries to explain anymore. The only thing left for us to do is to just relax and get carried away by the absurdity.

The Bright Side team decided to take the hit and watched tons of videos from Japanese TV shows to choose the most interesting (and the most appropriate) TV entertainment from the Land of the Rising Sun.

“Candy or Not Candy?”

“Candy or Not Candy?” is the name of the Japanese game show that looks like complete insanity. The participants of the show taste all kinds of things such as plants,

12 Strange Episodes From Japanese TV Shows That Can Leave Anyone Speechless

doorknobs, shoes, and other inedible objects to determine whether or not it is candy. Even if you think the show is weird, you do have to give credit to Japanese candy companies and their brilliance.