9 Lucky People Who Found Hidden Treasures

You don’t have to arm yourself with special equipment and go to the edge of the world to find a treasure. Sometimes it lies just beneath your feet, although you may not even know about it.

We at Bright Side brought you 9 stories of people who found real treasures by pure accident. And a little bonus at the end of the article awaits you as well!

9. A van Gogh painting

An unknown painting by van Gogh called Sunset at Montmajour had been sitting around in a Norwegian collector’s attic for many years. The reason? In 1908, a guest told him it was a fake. The host got upset and took the painting down,

9 Lucky People Who Found Hidden Treasures

forgetting all about it. 100 years after the collector’s death, the new owner of his house found the picture and took it to experts, finding out it was a priceless original by van Gogh himself.