10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

The fantasy story that completely changed the landscape for TV series for the entire world is coming to an end. And the closer we are to the final episode, the more theories there are about Game of Thrones. Most of them are simply not true. This article will tell you if the show has a main character, if there are 5 characters who you don’t need to worry about, and if it’s true that it wasn’t Eddard Stark who was executed in the first season. And at the end of the article, there is an interesting observation from attentive viewers that could become a huge spoiler.

Bright Side has no doubts that the Game of Thrones finale will be a memorable event, and now we need to prepare for it and eliminate the theories that are definitely wrong.

Myth № 1: The Targaryens are not afraid of fire.

One of the most impressive scenes of season one was when Daenerys came into the funeral fire of Khal Drogo and returned completely unharmed. And when, several seasons later, Khaleesi did the same trick and returned from a burning temple, the viewers had no doubts: the Targaryens can’t be hurt with fire.

This seemingly obvious fact turned out to be just a myth and George Martin himself dispelled it. According to the author,

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

the fact that the Mother of Dragons can’t be damaged with fire is an exception and it’s a magical phenomenon. And the proof is that her brother Viserys died when Khal Drogo poured liquid gold on his head. And there are more solid facts that support this idea: Rhaegar Targaryen was born during a tragic event: a fire in the castle where most of his relatives died.