9 Women Who Changed the Course of History Forever

How many women do we know who changed the world and left their imprint on it forever? Brave, intelligent, compassionate, and strong, they didn’t fear the future.

Bright Side compiled a list of several incredible women whose minds and beauty saved the world. Who would you add?

Jeanne Baret

The first woman to make a round-the-world trip. Dressed as a man, she got on a ship as a servant of a French botanist. Years later,

9 Women Who Changed the Course of History Forever

Jeanne returned to Paris and gave the Museum of Natural History 3,000 new and unknown plant species, earning her royal gratitude and a lifetime pension.

Harriet Tubman

The “Moses” of African Americans’ fight for freedom. At the age of 13, she was viciously beaten when she refused to beat a fugitive slave with the overseer.

9 Women Who Changed the Course of History Forever

During the Civil War she was a nurse and a scout, she wrote a lot, participated in social reforms in the US, and inspired thousands of people to fight for their freedom whatever their skin color.