6 Incredible Technologies of the Past Whose Secrets are Lost

In ancient times, much knowledge and many discoveries were passed strictly from master to apprentice. And if this chain was broken, the principle of the invention could be lost forever.

Having dug through history, Bright Side collected for you 6 technologies of the past whose secrets didn’t survive to this day.

Lycurgus Cup

This ancient Roman cup depicting the death of King Lycurgus has an interesting feature: it changes color depending on the lighting and liquid inside. For example, it’s green in shadow and red in the light. If you pour water inside, it’ll be blue; if it’s oil — yellow-red.

6 Incredible Technologies of the Past Whose Secrets are Lost

Scientists think the cup was used to detect impurities in beverages. The cup is made from the smallest nanoparticles of gold and silver. This means the ancient masters were aware of something we call nanotechnologies. However, no one can make a thing like it to this day.