7 Unknown Stories Hiding Behind Famous Photos

Time flies irrevocably, yet photos taken years and years ago last forever. And what stories hide behind the shots that have long since become iconic? We at Bright Side learned a lot for ourselves. And we have a bonus pic! See if we can surprise you.

7. Albert Einstein’s portrait


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This photo was shot minutes before the famous Arthur Sasse photo of Einstein sticking his tongue out was taken. #ThrowbackThursday

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Just a second before the legendary shot.

That evening, a satisfied Einstein got into a car after his 72nd birthday party. Photographer Arthur Sasse went to an open door and asked for a picture. Einstein turned and stuck out his tongue — and the photographer managed to catch the moment.

7 Unknown Stories Hiding Behind Famous Photos

The original picture is larger and only then was cut to a portrait — the physicist was captured with his companions. By the way, Einstein himself adored this photo and put it into all his greeting cards.