6 Little-Known Historical Facts That Can Surprise Even ’A’ Students

History is a big area of knowledge. It’s impossible to learn it completely, especially the tiniest details. However, it’s the details in the form of little-known facts that increase the interest in this science and make us want to learn more about past events.

We at Bright Side love and respect history and that’s why we gathered this list of interesting historical facts.

1. The Roman emperor Commodus once gathered all disabled people in the Coliseum and made them fight to the death.

Commodus, the emperor of Ancient Rome, was eccentric and insane, just like many other emperors of those times. He liked to attribute different titles to himself: for example, at the end of his life, he ordered to call him Hercules, the son of Jupiter. He also ordered to rename the months so that they could correspond to his titles and names: Commodus, Augustus, Amazonius, Invictus, etc. In 190 AD, he renamed Rome the City of Commodus. The Senate didn’t object and fulfilled all of the ridiculous orders of the emperor.

6 Little-Known Historical Facts That Can Surprise Even ’A’ Students

Commodus also liked to perform as a gladiator in public. He was good at sword fighting and liked to kill animals in the arena. He held 735 fights of free citizens despite the fact that they were considered shameful but no one dared to stand up to the emperor. In order to get rid of “imperfect” citizens, he ordered to gather all the disabled people, the dwarfs, and the insane and made them fight in the arena of the Coliseum to the death.