7 Discoveries That Raised More Questions Than Answers in the Scientific World

Sometimes it seems that humanity already knows everything. It is in those very moments when new discoveries are made that turn our world and our views of it upside down.

Bright Side tells you about some finds that contributed to the understanding of the world’s history but left scientists with more questions than answers. We also prepared a surprising bonus for you at the end of this article.

Embryo mummy

At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists found a small sarcophagus. Initially, this find didn’t surprise anyone because in Ancient Egypt such vessels were used to bury human organs. However, the following research showed that the sarcophagus didn’t contain organs: there was a fetal mummy.

7 Discoveries That Raised More Questions Than Answers in the Scientific World

The embryo was in the 16th-18th week of development at the time of death.

This sarcophagus was dated to the period between 664 and 525 years B.C. The scientists called this a unique discovery because this mummy is the “youngest” among all mummies found up to the present.