8 Mystical Photographs That Depict What Simply Can’t Be Possible

The world keeps many secrets. And if science can’t explain something, it does not necessarily mean that we have to write off the findings as improbable. If you dig deep enough, you can find a lot of interesting things that don’t have any logical explanations.

Bright Side has collected photos that can’t exist. But here they are! Everyone will choose for themselves how to treat these phenomena. Let’s be amazed together.

1. A Swiss watch in a sealed ancient tomb

When they opened a tomb of the Ming Dynasty, scientists never imagined that they’d find a ring watchwith a Swiss inscription. How could this be? So far, there are no answers. The age of the find is estimated at 400 years.

8 Mystical Photographs That Depict What Simply Can’t Be Possible

Even more questions are raised by the fact that the tomb was not opened before, which makes it impossible to assume that the watch was placed there by a modern person. How could the watch have got in there? Perhaps one of the scientists decided to prank his coworkers with such a controversial artifact.