10 Crazy and Dangerous Beauty Inventions Thank Goodness Were Left in the Past

Beauty requires sacrifice” is a phrase that perfectly illustrates this list of dangerous inventions.

In the 1920s through the 1950s, many eternal beauty trends were born. Whether it consisted of hairstyles and clothing, or even beauty industry inventions, almost all of them became total sensations that left their mark in history. But not everybody knows that there were also some inventions — which thankfully for us — were forgotten because they were harmful to our health!

Bright Side found some of the craziest beauty inventions and we can’t wait to show them to you. Take a look at these and remember to be mindful of your health.

10. The Beauty Micrometer

This special device was created to help makeup artists see all the asymmetries, defects and unevenness of the face of a model. After using this beauty micrometer, makeup artists could be sure of what needed correcting and which cosmetics to use.

This device required a lot of metal screws and strips to be fixed on a woman’s head, and the master had nearly 325 ways to adjust the helmet for the best results. Of course, sometimes it wasn’t a comfortable procedure since the master could press the model’s head with these strips too strongly. After using this micrometer many times, the model would often be left with painful headaches.