16 Favorite Questions From Passengers Answered by a Pilot


t’s easier to believe in magic than to understand how people can make a 1,000-ton metal machine fly up in the sky. Ignorance causes fear of things we don’t understand. This is why many pilots and other employees of airline companies freely share information about air travel and the risks involved. They also explain why planes are beautiful things!

Bright Side chose 16 clear answers to the most exciting and difficult questions that bother every person who has ever seen a plane.

16. How does someone access the cockpit if the door is blocked from the inside?

There is a special code that a flight attendant must enter to access the cockpit. This is necessary in certain cases — if both pilots lost consciousness, for example. The captain of the aircraft finds out the code before the flight and gives it to the crew.

16 Favorite Questions From Passengers Answered by a Pilot

After the code is entered, the door will open within a minute unless the pilots do something. If a pilot sees on the CCTV that it’s not a flight attendant behind the door, the pilot will block the door completely, and there will be no way for the intruder to get inside.

15. Can pilots have thick mustaches or piercings?

Bushy beards, mustaches, piercings, and all other sorts of decorations on the face don’t allow pilots to properly wear oxygen masks. The masks should be fixed very tightly on the head.

16 Favorite Questions From Passengers Answered by a Pilot

That’s why pilots’ faces should always be clean, and only a little bristle is sometimes allowed. Otherwise, there may be a situation that endangers the lives of passengers.