13 Crazy Things Our Ancestors Did

If you think that the world is becoming more insane every year, then you are only half right. In fact, strange things have always been there, and we’ve found the most convincing evidence.

Bright Side offers you 13 historical facts that will make you look at our ancestors and their way of life in a new light.

Trial by spousal combat

In Medieval Germany, a husband and wife could settle their disputes in a rather cruel way — a spousal duel. According to the rules, the man

13 Crazy Things Our Ancestors Did

had to fight sitting with his waist in a pit, one hand tied to his body, and in the other hand he would hold a stick. Women were allowed to move within a limited area and use a pouch with stones as a weapon.

Destroying alcohol

Prohibition of the selling, manufacturing, and distributing of alcohol in the USA started in 1920 and lasted until 1933. During this time period,

13 Crazy Things Our Ancestors Did

police used to check suspicious buildings and homes trying to find illegal booze, which was produced by underground breweries across the country. In the photo above, you can see prohibition agents destroying alcohol during one such raid in Detroit in 1929. This practice was pretty common during the time of ’dry’ law