16 Non-Obvious Facts About Australia for Those Who Think They Know Everything About This Country

Australia is a country where there are two times more sheep than people and 1.5 times more kangaroos than sheep. There are so many beaches that if you visit a new one every day then in 15 years you will have visited only half of them. Are you intrigued? We are shocked already, but the most interesting facts about Austrailia are in this article.

Unfortunately, nobody from Bright Side has been to Australia, so while we were making this article, we started feeling really sorry for it. It is a fascinating country where instead of pigeons, there are parrots that are just as relaxed as the ones in Jamaica, but their lifespan is higher than those in Europe. Here is a list of facts that you might not know about the country but are useful if you ever plan to travel there. And if you don’t plan on visiting anytime soon, at least you’ll be able to show off your knowledge!

16. Almost everything in Australia wants to kill you.

This is Australia summed up in one photo. But even wild dogs, poisonous snakes, and sharks cant compare to the number one enemy, the sun. Locals to Austrailia are very scared of the sun. The UV-index here is 10 times higher than in Europe which means that after a 30-minute walk under the sun, you can get a sunburn or even worse, skin cancer.