20+ Rules All Royal Family Members Need to Follow From Birth

Myrtle in a wedding bouquet

Myrtle is a sign of luck and happiness in a marriage, which is why it should be in all wedding bouquets. This tradition started during

20+ Rules All Royal Family Members Need to Follow From Birth

the reign of Queen Victoria when the grandmother of the groom presented Queen Victoria with myrtle. Nowadays, this plant is taken from a tree grown in the royal garden.

Solemn salvo in honor of a prince or princess

Right after a royal baby is born, honors are given to both the parents and the child. 62 volleys are given near Tower Bridge and 41 near Buckingham Palace.

Announcement of the birth of a child

It is customary to inform the public that a child was born in a way loved by everyone. Near the palace, a gilded easel is placed with a note stating the time of birth and gender of the baby. It is also heralded by mouthpieces that inform people on the streets of London. A traditional easel even becomes a sightseeing stop for some time. The Cambridge couple was the first to announce the birth of their children by media.