3 Scientific Theories That Lead Us to Believe We’re Living in a Parallel Reality

3 Scientific Theories That Lead Us to Believe We’re Living in a Parallel Reality

Many scientists were dissatisfied with the Multiverse theory for many reasons. First off, because its calculations are not in line with everything that has already been established in physics. Secondly, because they simply cannot be verified! Many people think that this theory can only become a reality in a movie like Interstellar by Christopher Nolan, where the characters find some funnel to the neighboring universe.

But according to forecasts of many scientists, there is a possibility that after some ten years we will be looking at our current doubts like those who once believed that the sun revolved around the earth. And if you look at the interesting performance in TED by one of the most brilliant scientists of our time, Brian Greene, perhaps you will dispel your doubts as you read this article.

3 Scientific Theories That Lead Us to Believe We’re Living in a Parallel Reality

If this incredible theory is correct, then the consequences of it are truly unbelievable. Inside this Multiverse may be other versions of our solar system, copies of the earth and therefore, copies of all of us. And if that is true, then all possible futures and destinies of our lives exist there as well.

In some other universe, your copy can be living exactly the same life but in another realm. In infinity, your copy can make endless decisions.

It means that in some other universe, Michael Jackson could still be alive and Hitler could have become the founder of postmodern painting. Perhaps there is a land where a nuclear war has already happened or where the dinosaurs didn’t die out and evolution has taken a different path.