3 Scientific Theories That Lead Us to Believe We’re Living in a Parallel Reality

From the point of philosophy

Let’s look at our topic from the point of view of philosophy with help from the film, Mr. Nobody (if you’ve always been tormented by the idea of life choice, your alternative life, or if you are now at crossroads, we strongly recommend watching this movie). We are no longer talking about the Multiverse, the laws of physics or Christopher Nolan. We are talking about a hero who can see his other lives depending on the choices he makes. And this is what he says being an old man:

“In the life of each of us, a hundred choices take place every day, and there are no good or bad choices. Simply each choice creates a different life, another unique world. But every life deserves to be lived over, every path deserves to be walked on. Because each of our other lives is correct. It also has its own sense. Everything in the world could be different but have the same sense.”

Nemo3 Scientific Theories That Lead Us to Believe We’re Living in a Parallel Reality

In other words, no one will argue that anything in our world makes sense. And this sentiment does not change in time because one of the main principles of thinking is: “If there is one thing, then there is something opposite.” Accordingly, if something changes, then something does not change (let’s stop here otherwise your brain will explode — let’s move to the next paragraph).

For example, a person is constantly changing. Cells of our body are renewed hundreds of thousands of times in our lives but we are still the same person and we don’t become someone else. So despite the complete change in our body, something in us remains unchanged. This “something” in philosophy is called essence, or sense. In other words, things change but their sense doesn’t change. For example: the car is burning but the “sense” of this car is not. Moreover, if a person dies or is not even born, his “sense” will not disappear because birth and death are the same unchanging elements that don’t depend on the origin or destruction of the thing to which they relate. Therefore, any change in the thing has already been laid down in its sense. And any possible actions that a person commits, and all possible variants of his life are also assumed by his sense.

This means that you already exist in all possible variants. Nevertheless, despite philosophy, the choices are all different. And it is with the film, Mr. Nobody, we can see that with an infinite number of choices, the best choice still turns out to be one based on freedom rather than external factors.