3 Scientific Theories That Lead Us to Believe We’re Living in a Parallel Reality

Does it mean that there are plenty of these alternative lives? How do we live with this?

What does everything you have just read mean to you personally?

It means that your many copies in the infinite universe make an infinite number of different choices in the same fate. And your goal is to make your copy as happy as possible. Leave the rest to your alternate selves.

Do you know how it should finally be? You come to the beach — the water is cold. You are not sure whether you should swim or not. There is a beautiful girl standing next to you. She has doubts about swimming as well. She is looking at you. You ask her for her name and leave with her, having forgotten about everything and everybody, even the person who accompanied you to the beach. And you understand that it’s the very choices in your life that made it the way it is.

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Preview photo credit Anka Zhuravleva