6 Things That Only 2 People in the World Know About

1. The Chartreuse liqueur recipe

ffect is the Holy Grail of all card tricks. It’s an incredible illusion where a magician is able to locate a chosen card inside a card deck without even touching it. It’s also interesting that a magician can use a new or sealed deck.

Only 2 people can perform this trick: David Berglas (the trick’s creator) and his protegee Mark Paul (who demonstrates this trick in the video).

6 Things That Only 2 People in the World Know About

Chartreuse is a French liqueur that has been produced by the monks of the Carthusian Order at the Voiron and Isere wine cellars at the Chartreuse Mountains border since the 17th century.

The liquor’s main feature is that it’s made from 130 types of herbs and it’s well-known as the elixir of life. By the way, each herb is kept secret and only 2 monks from the Grande Chartreuse monastery know the recipe.

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