8 Shocking Places That Will Give You Chills

4. Hotel del Salto, Bogota, Colombia

Hotel del Salto was closed in the early 1990s, mainly because the prolonged reconstruction gradually reduced tourist interest in the area.

8 Shocking Places That Will Give You Chills

However, rumor has it that the hotel was the scene of several suicides. Some people believe that the whole place is haunted.

3. Beelitz Military Hospital, Brandenburg, Germany

During World War I, the Imperial German Army used this hospital as the largest health complex for soldiers. It was occupied by the Red Army forces from late 1945 until 1995. Adolf Hitler was one of the most famous patients.

8 Shocking Places That Will Give You Chills

Local people and tourists say that the huge territory of the hospital concentrates paranormal activity and an eerie atmosphere.

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