9 Famous Products That Look Completely Different Around the World

Before introducing a new product to a particular region, marketing specialists conduct research and thoroughly study consumer expectations. Manufacturing companies try to adapt packaging designs and product names to meet national peculiarities of the market. So if you think you know exactly how your favorite candy bar looks, try to recognize it in some other country.

We at Bright Side came up with this fun list of products that look and sometimes sound a bit different depending on the country they’re sold in.


In Quebec, a French-speaking province of Canada, you’ll never find a KFC, the famous fast-food restaurant from America. They do have the restaurants, but they call it Poulet Frit Kentucky or simply PFK.

Milky Way

If you tried a yummy chocolate-covered candy bar named Milky Way somewhere in Europe, you surely remember its blue package with little stars.

9 Famous Products That Look Completely Different Around the World

If you want to buy the same candy in the US, look for 3 Musketeers. The American version of Milky Way comes in a brown package and tastes like a Mars bar.