How I Decided to Adopt Rich People’s Habits and How It Changed My Life

It’s not a secret that rich people have a lot of good habits and many people that these are the reasons that they’re so successful. But what if a person who doesn’t have millions of dollars in their bank account decides to adopt the habits of rich people and do as they do? What will such a person feel and how will their life change?

I decided to find the answers to these questions that’s why I adopted the habits of the richest people on this planet for 6 months.

Specially for Bright Side, I will share just how my life changed.

Habit #1: Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

I don’t exercise a lot. Sometimes, I join a gym but then I forget about it and remember like once a month. This is completely useless so I needed some kind of a system and a reason to exercise more.

I decided that things should be different. I joined a gym once more but this time I made a plan of workouts for 4 times a week.

How I Decided to Adopt Rich People’s Habits and How It Changed My Life

This is my calendar (the red circles are the workouts) and the workout program that I found for myself on the internet.

The hardest part was packing a bag and going to the gym after working all day. I really wanted to relax on the couch, rest, watch a movie, or just sleep. But if a day on the calendar is marked, you have to go to the gym no matter what.

I didn’t have to make myself do it for a long time. 10 days later, it was already a habit. The laziness and tiredness in the evenings disappeared somehow and my body was ready for physical activity. Because the toxins could leave my body faster, I started sleeping better and waking up easier. Besides, exercising was a good way for me to relax. I noticed that I’ve become more concentrated and calm.