How I Decided to Adopt Rich People’s Habits and How It Changed My Life

Habit #3: Meditate every day.

Successful people pay attention not only to their bodies but also to their minds. So, in order to relax and get their heads straight, they meditate every day.

In order not to hear the outside noise, I turn on the sounds of nature in any free meditation app.

Meditation is a really good way to get your head straight and renew your energy (especially when you have a deadline). Before, I didn’t think it was so important.

Now, I was supposed to meditate every day. So, I decided to do it 20 minutes in the evening before sleep or I divided the time into 2 sessions — one in the morning and one in the evening.

I noticed the result during the second week of this schedule. The usual tension decreased, it was easier for me to think my tasks through during the day, and the answers to many questions were found easier than before.