How I Decided to Adopt Rich People’s Habits and How It Changed My Life

Habit #4: Read many useful books.

I love books. I love the way they look and I love buying them. But I rarely have time to read them. This is why I have a lot of books I’ve never read.

Successful people read not for fun, but to get something useful. That’s why they mostly read biographies, history books, self-help books, and business literature. So, I chose such books from my “collection.”

How I Decided to Adopt Rich People’s Habits and How It Changed My Life

The books I read during the first month and the second month.

I decided to carry one book with me all the time and read it on the way to work and back home or during lunch. Also, during my workouts and walks, I listened to audiobooks or podcasts.

So, during the first month, I read (and understood) almost 4 books. This was very useful.