How I Decided to Adopt Rich People’s Habits and How It Changed My Life

Habit #5: Set goals and achieve them.

To see some order in the chaos of my home tasks, work, and life, I decided to make to-do lists and distribute the tasks across the entire week. For this, I use the applications todoist, wunderlist, or regular Post-it notes.

How I Decided to Adopt Rich People’s Habits and How It Changed My Life

On the Post-its, I wrote the tasks I had to do that day or in the nearest future.

In the beginning, when I looked at my calendar and the huge to-do list, I thought I wouldn’t make it until the end of the experiment with such a schedule. However, it turned out to be much easier. Even though I didn’t achieve all the goals, I managed to do more things during the first week than I did during the entire previous month. And I didn’t feel exhausted.

Habit #6: Wear simple clothes.